Entry Requirements 

At least one full year commitment.

No smoking, no nicotine gum, patches, etc. 

No cell phone, laptops, etc.

Communication only with immediate family for the duration of the program. 

No access to the Internet while in the program.  

No phone calls or letters until the 15th day after entry date. All incoming and outgoing mail is screened. 

Four full months before any family visitation. 

Health test with all results in writing. (see details here)

No prescription drugs (mood altering, psychotic or pain), laxatives, sleep aids or herbs.

ALL house guidelines and schedules must be adhered to. 

We DO NOT provide any Medical, Dental or Optical services. 

       - Please, take care of checkup & illness before entering program to prevent having to be dismissed from program to address health issues. 

       - In case of an emergency ONLY, resident will be taken to a County Hospital. 

We must be informed of all legal matters and we DO NOT provide any legal services. 

Thank you for considering the Fort Worth Teen Challenge and we look forward to having you become a part of our family.


Fort Worth Teen Challenge is a Christian non-profit interdenominational rehabilitation ministry for women eighteen years and older who have suffered from any type of life-controlling problems. Its purpose being to rehabilitate individuals, teach them principles on which to base their lives, and place them back into society as productive contributors. Those deciding they are serious about wanting a permanent change in their lives, make a personal, voluntary commitment to come and live in our residential program for a period of twelve or more months. We are more than a long-term residential program, we are also a highly structured program producing responsible and accountable women. We choose to focus on a "home" type of atmosphere, playing down any resemblance to institutionalism. 

Teen Challenge is a discipleship program and each lady must have a sincere desire to be here and want change. She must be willing to follow the house guidelines and schedule. After reading these non-negotiable requirements thoroughly,  and are still interested, please download and fill out our screening form and mail, email, or fax (817) 336-5237, to our Intake Coordinator. You will be contacted to begin the interview process. Each lady must be interviewed and accepted before she is put on the waiting list. AT TIMES, THERE IS A WAITING LIST FOR BED AVAILABILITY. 

Fort Worth Teen Challenge

Remember there is really hope for the hopeless inJesus Christ.