Fort Worth Teen Challenge is a 501 (c) organization and does not receive state or federal funds and therefore is solely dependent on the generous monetary and in-kind contributions from churches, local businesses, corporations, and individuals. 

We are able to receive monetary donations via check or credit card. Please make your checks payable to Fort Worth Teen Challenge and mail to us. To receive more information on donations or to be added to our e-mailing list, please contact us via the form to your right.

​​In addition to accepting monetary donations, we receive in-kind donations. Below is a list of our perishable, non-perishable and service/repair needs. To set up an appointment to drop off your donations or offer our services, please contact Community Relations at (817) 336-8191 or email at All gifts (monetary and in-kind) are tax deductible.

We have two major fundraisers per year which are our Golf Tournament which is held in the Spring and our Banquet which is held in the Fall.

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Fort Worth Teen Challenge

P.O. Box 731

Fort Worth, TX 76101

Lady's Name




•Double-door stand up freezer repaired/replaced




•Body soap (liquid soap only)

•Hairspray, hair gel and mousse

•Sanitary items




•Baby oil

•Facial cleanser

•Cotton swabs

•Cotton balls

•Cotton pads

•Dental floss



Non-Perishable Needs List

Perishable* Needs List











•Olive oil

*For more information about specific perishable needs, please call Amy Fickett at (817) 336-8191.


•Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths

•Bath rugs

•Decorative towels

•Twin sheets, pillowcases


•Over the door hooks

•Suction cup hooks



•Room matching dressers, end tables

•Washer and dryer

•Vacuum cleaner

Office Supplies

•Copy paper

•Ink for printers (HP 60-black and color)

•Ink for copier

•Pens, pencils, paper clips

•Computer, Laptop



•Light bulbs

Paper towels



•Toilet paper


•Hand sanitizer

•Clorox clean-up (gallon refills)

•409 cleaner (gallon refills)


•Furniture polish


•Mop and sponge


•Laundry soap


•Sponges, steel wool scrubbers

•Dish washing soap (non-machine)

•Oven cleaner

•Cleaning towels

•Paper plates, cups, bowls, cups, plasticware


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Service Needs

•Vehicle repair

•Washer/dryer repair


•Electrical repair

•Computer repair

•HVAC repair