Fort Worth Teen Challenge

Bedroom/Bathroom Jobs

Bedroom and bathroom jobs are daily jobs that rotate on a weekly basis within in each lady's assigned bedroom and bathroom. These duties include vacuuming, dusting and taking out the trash for the bedrooms. Taking out the trash, cleaning the vanity area, toilet, bathtub and floor of the bathrooms.

Heavy Jobs

Once a week the ladies do deep cleaning for their assigned job from the job schedule. 

Wash Vehicles

​​Once a week the ladies wash the inside and outside of our vehicles.

Job Schedule

Job schedule consists of daily jobs that rotate on a two week basis. These duties help keep the house clean and maintained. These jobs encompass every area of the house- kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry room, classroom, offices and outside. Each lady will have every job at some point during her time in the program.


Every lady who lives in the house will have assigned chores that she is responsible for every day. In addition to her coursework, each lady will perform her job assignment within the house that ensures that the house and the grounds are kept up. Since we do not allow the ladies to work outside the home until they are in Re-Entry, these small duties are important to keep our home clean and orderly as well as to show respect for what has been provided. These job assignments are the same duties one would be responsible for in their own home.