Fort Worth Teen Challenge

The Program

Fort Worth Teen Challenge is not merely a long-term residential program, but is also a structured program desiring to produce responsible women. We choose to focus on a “home” type of atmosphere, playing down any likeness to institutionalism. We know that each lady's symptoms are indicative of deeper problems and conflicts and that a new life in Christ will give them the power and ability to overcome these problems and live a more productive life. The guidance and Bible-based counseling of our dedicated full-time staff, help the women form new patterns of Christian living through practical experiences in everyday life. Women learn to work through relationship problems with their peers and with their families at home. They will learn to apply the character qualities and scripture memory they learn in the classroom to their everyday lives.​ Many times the life-changing power of God is witnessed as the women watch His grace at work in their own lives and also in the lives of those around them.

The program is designed to last twelve or more months because there needs to be a definite cultural change which can only be facilitated over an extended period of time. Upon entry the lady will receive contract work, for which she is accountable, classes she must attend, and responsibilities around the house. Each lady is required to complete eight contracts.

After finishing the eight contracts, the lady will move to the Re-Entry part of the program where she will work outside the home while continuing to live at the house. During this phase, each lady will continue to be mentored by the staff to make sure she is still growing in her relationship with the Lord while successfully acclimating back into society as a functioning member. 

Upon completion of the Re-Entry phase, the lady will graduate from the Teen Challenge program. Every graduation individualized. We conduct our graduations in an intimate environment with the lady and her family. This is a special time to honor the hard work and celebrate her new life and her continuing growth in the Lord.

After Graduation, the staff  keeps in contact with the Graduate for a period of one year. This follow-up period provides added stability for our graduates and offer our assistance and reinforces the fact that we care about what happens to our Graduates.