Fort Worth Teen Challenge

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What Not To Bring

Please DO NOT bring the following:

NO Smoking, nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, chew, etc.

NO (Mood Altering) medications, herbs, laxatives, Benadryl, sleeping aids or any vitamins that are not a once a day multi-vitamin 

NO food supplements tablets or powders

NO food or drink of any kind

NO photos or correspondence with anyone other than immediate family 

NO relationships with opposite sex unless married

NO games, computers, laptops, TV, heating pads, iron, gadgets or kitchen appliances

NO cell phones

NO wall mount items or pictures

NO iPods, iPads, Kindles, Tablets, MP3 players or any media device requiring headphones or earphones of any kind

NO large boom boxes or stereos

NO personal vehicles

NO bar soap (liquid soap only)

NO literature, movies, magazines, books, poetry, address books, old journals, studies, business cards/papers, bookkeeping or teaching tapes* 

*Our curriculum is a Bible based and structured for Teen Challenge.  All non-curriculum items will be shipped back home at your own expense.

NO body jewelry (tongue**, brow, naval, nose, etc).

**If you have a tongue ring you may replace it with a clear spacer only; not a clear ring. You may do this only with the tongue ring. You need to take every other body jewelry out.