Classroom Items

•    Bible if you have one, any version is okay 

     (except for the recovery Bibles or twelve step foot notes)

•    One daily devotional book 

•    Clean notebook paper, pens, and pencils

•    Journals must be new with NO writing in it

•    Optional: White-out, loose-leaf binder, spiral notebook,

      index cards, post-its, highlighters and pocket folder 

Bedroom Items

•    Twin size sheets, pillowcases, pillows, blanket, foam padding or mattress pad 

      (decorative comforter is provided)

•    No  more than two medium to large suitcases and one carry-on bag or equivalent*

•    Clothes hangers

•    Alarm clock

•    Electric fan

•    Small CD player or boom box (NO HEADPHONES OR EARPHONES ARE ALLOWED) 

•    Costume jewelry instead of expensive jewelry

•    Make-up, brush, comb, blow dryer, curling iron or rollers 

*We do not have a lot of drawer space, you may bring under the bed storage containers.

Miscellaneous Items

•    Conservative Christian music are welcome but preferably Praise and Worship

•    Postage stamps, blank stationary, envelopes

•    Flashlight

•    Gum, individually wrapped hard candy

•    Camera with new film or blank memory card 

•    Photographs of immediate family only are O.K. Nothing in large picture frames that need to be hung on the wall.

Laundry Items

•    Laundry Soap, dryer sheets, fabric softener (NO bleach)

•    Laundry basket or laundry bag


Birth Certificate

Drivers License or State issued photo ID

Social Security Card

Insurance, Medicaid cards/documentation

Dress Code

•    All clothing must be modest 

•    No tight fitting, or low cut or alluring clothing 

•    Skirts and dresses must be knee length or longer 

•    Shorts must be loose fitting and no shorter than 5 inches above the


•    T-shirts and Sweatshirts can be plain or with Christian logos

      (no inappropriate slogan/advertisement/graffiti, rude sayings, skulls, etc.) 

•    Cannot expose midriff at all 

•    You may wear tank tops but bra straps cannot show  

•    No strapless dresses or tops unless you wear a jacket or shrug 

•    For low rise fit pants, shorts or skirts your top must be long enough

      to cover

      your stomach and backside when sitting or standing 

•    If you wear leggings or jeggings, your shirt must come to mid thigh 

•    No masculine clothing


3 dresses or skirts for church

4 pairs of dress slacks and dress blouses

3-5 pairs of jeans, casual slacks

4-6 pairs of shorts, capris, workout shorts/pants

5-8 casual shirts or T-shirts

1 sweater/sweatshirt 

1 bathrobe

2 pajamas or modest sleepwear (NO lingerie)

1 pair of slippers

1-2 pairs of dress shoes, boots 

2 pairs of casual shoes or sandals/flip flops

1 pair of tennis shoes 

1 one-piece modest bathing suit, tankini

1 dress coat

1 casual coat or jacket

7 pairs of socks, tights, panty hose, etc.

7 pairs of underwear 

3-4 bras

Personal Items

What To Bring

Fort Worth Teen Challenge wants to extend our hospitality and offer our ladies a comfortable and homelike atmosphere. Our day to day attire is casual. The lists below are suggested items. Please keep in mind that space limited.

To download and print this list, please click below.

Fort Worth Teen Challenge

Bathroom Items

•    Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, razors

•    Liquid soap (NO bar soap)

•    Toiletries (NO alcohol based products)

•    Body towel, face towel, washcloth, loufa or body sponge

•    Sanitary items